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About Me

Pebbles on the Sand

The About Page is a summary of me and my life. It holds all the necessary facts for one to get to know me. It also houses all the information about global studies. Click to find out all about me and what the Global Studies Program has to offer.


The Global Studies program hosts a number of events here on our campus. We also travel to see many different speakers. So far, we have heard from two different speakers on the topic of global affairs, and have traveled to two forums. Click to read my reflections on these events. 


I have traveled to four different countries and many different states so far in my life. This page holds all of the memories I was able to record from those places. Click to view the gallery of photos from my travels abroad.

Capstone Project

One of the Global Studies requirements is to create a capstone project in one of the core themes of the curriculum. I chose to do my project on the evolution of racism over time and what can be done to help solve the problem. Click to learn more information about my project and see additional works I have created. 

Model in Headscarf
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